They told me I needed to tell my story, but…

When I first arrived back in the United States, as I met people during the course of casual conversations the common questions were: Where do you live? What do you do? How long have you been here? It was hard to cover up that this California girl had lived in the Middle East for nearly […]

10 years ago…

10 years ago I was still living in Middle East. I had experienced political terrorism, missing booby trapped cars by minutes. I had escaped military conflicts dodging bullets, bombs and fires. Yet that was nothing compared to the war and terror going on within my own home. I had been living for more than 2 […]

When you’ve doubted you’re a good mother

Mother’s Day. This can mean a very beautiful day, a day charged with intense feelings, or a day of remorse, guilt or sadness. Or all of it. As a mother I’ve shared many ups and downs with my daughter. Times when we laughed so hard, we peed in our pants. Times when she cried, and […]

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