The many facets of freedom– Happy Independence Day!

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On July 4th the United States Celebrates its independence day.

Most countries have some form of independence celebration.

I will be discussing Freedom throughout the entire month of July. This is part 1.

We fought to gain our freedom from the British.

To be rid of dominance, control, and the (foreign) power over our domain.


Is that really true?

Are you free of dominance, control and of someone else exerting their power over you?

During this pandemic, some may view that the politicians are using their power to control and dominate us.

That they are reducing our rights and impacting our freedom.

I choose to see, for example, the wearing of masks, as a social responsibility rather than an infringement on my rights.

I believe the health of my fellow American is just as important as my health.

To see it as an infringement makes me think that person believes their rights are greater than my right to not get infected, that they have a right to harm me and others.

That’s when my rights become violated.

Remember the battle with smokers and non-smokers and the tobacco industry?

It became very clear that the health of non-smokers was being negatively impacted.

Slowly, the airlines, restaurants, theaters, and business offices created “smoking only” spaces and in some cases, for example, restaurants and airplanes eventually prohibited smoking completely.

Of course, people grumbled.

And the tobacco giants raised a fit.

People don’t like changes, and they don’t like being told what to do.

It’s an independence thing.

Were smokers’ rights violated? You could definitely argue that.

But people realized this was a major health issue and people were dying from it.

Changes were made because it was a socially responsible act to do.

People’s health matters.

Your health matters.

  • Are you free of dominance, control and of someone else exerting their power over you?

Have you looked at your relationships?

Are you being put down? Demeaned? Belittled?

All in their attempt to crush and control you?

Look at who you are surrounded by.

I escaped to gain my physical freedom from domestic abuse.

But I still was a prisoner in my own mind.

  • Are you free of dominance and control—that’s coming from your own mind?

Are you name-calling yourself?

What do you tell yourself?

Who is upsetting you?

How often are you criticizing yourself or others?

How well do you handle your emotions?

True freedom comes from within your mind.

It has nothing to do with anyone else or any outside circumstance.

And until you know how to achieve that, real freedom will elude you.

Just know you have a choice on what to think (and behave.)

How are you going to create your freedom today?

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