Breaking the Hold on Past Patterns

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Breaking the Hold on Past Patterns

“If I just do better, if I just do this, if I’ll just do that one more thing, it’s going to calm down and not be so crazy.”

They were married and business partners creating spiritual communities all over Canada. Yet for 15 years she held a deep secret.

Gurutej, a foremost authority for over 50 years in Kundalini Yoga gets vulnerable as she shares that despite both of them being spiritual community leaders, she succumbed to trying to fix the marriage until she felt crazy.

She is known as the Energy Guru and is recognized as one of a handful of Kundalini yoga masters. Her mission is to give everyone the tools and support to become their own Energy Guru. As a prolific writer, she’s an author of four popular books, including A Slice of the Beloved: Connection for Relationships. She has also developed seven transformative, powerful online courses, including The Moon She Rocks You and Empower Your Essence.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • “You’re not crazy!” Rosie’s Mini Masterclass take you to Freedom Fulfillment Pillar #8, exploring your feelings and realizing you never were crazy.
  • How Gurutej lost the cornerstone of her spirituality, because of the crazy-making and how she got it back.
  • The excuses she made…
  • The powerful, yet simple and short prayer or mantra she said daily.
  • The demands she made of herself to stay at a higher vibration to evolve.
  • How to unhook your energy field so you don’t get sucked down and out.
  • The “special” dance you can to do to “cut” the magnetic field and toxic cords—for many situations.
  • The empowering words of what Love is Kind means to Gurutej.
  • And so much more!

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