You Deserve…

…to be treated with kindness and respect, whether it’s with your intimate relationships, family, friends or co-workers. But it’s up to you to take the lead.

Love is Kind, Not Terrorizing


Rosie Aiello

Have you been crushed in a narcissistic relationship?
Are you hiding behind a mask that you can handle it?
Do you feel ashamed that you “got” yourself into that mess?
You’re not alone. That was me until I created a new life.
It’s now your time to create the life you deserve.


Sunny Sophie Gabrielle

Take the Love is Kind Pledge

I, am worthy.

I deserve to be treated with kindness. I am lovable. I am enough. I have the right to live my life on my own terms. I deserve to live without fear. I deserve to be heard, and what I have to say is important. I have the right to be my true and authentic self. I take good care of myself so that I can help others and show up more fully. I have the right to honor myself and my boundaries. I deserve to be surrounded by kind, loving and supportive people. My life matters and I have the right to create a joyful , productive and prosperous life.

Join the Movement

The mission of the Love is Kind Movement is to help 1 million women and their children free themselves from domestic violence so that they can create a joyful, productive and prosperous life that they deserve. Family Terrorism is the term we use for Domestic Violence involving families and couples to evoke what really happens: being terrorized and frightened on a regular basis behind closed doors. It’s our goal to declare war on family and personal terrorism. Violence and terror against women and children must end in our lifetime. Now is the time to unite to create a SHIFT from LIVING in TERROR to LOVING with KINDNESS.

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