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  • I AM valuable, lovable & worthy Vulnerable to Valuable Podcast is an amazing podcast. Rosie not only speaks to women in abusive and narcissistic relationships (and who have emerged from one), she brings life-changing and valuable content through insightful interviews that speak to any woman who has doubted herself or has struggled to find her voice… I’m grateful to Rosie for her podcast, it reminds me that I am valuable, lovable and worthy just as I am, and has resulted in deeper relationships with everyone, especially myself.

    T. Tribble
  • Love this podcast!! This is the podcast I wish I’d had all those years ago when I found myself in an abusive marriage. Rosie has a vital mission to help women step into their true value through compassion, and self-love.

    Melinda Wittstock
  • A podcast of empowerment! If you are or have suffered from any emotional and/or physical abuse in a relationship, this is the podcast to help you get your life back. After suffering from an abusive 25 year relationship, Rosie Aiello escaped and rebuilt her life. And now she is on a mission to lead the way to a world of kindness. An excellent podcast.

    Debbie Lynn Grace
  • Rosie does a great job leading women to their true potential—regardless of what others have said or done to them. She brings her own experience, her wonderful speaking style, and her vast wisdom gathered on behalf of women everywhere!

  • A big thumbs up! Rosie has a beautiful, soothing and friendly voice and her heart to help others shines through brightly! Her journey is full of insight that women of all walks of life can benefit from, especially if they’ve been or are in an abusive relationship. Highly recommend!

  • Before I started working with Rosie, I never really believed that I could have the type of relationship that I truly desired. I had read lots of relationship books and attended webinars, but I always I felt like I was asking for too much. After working with Rosie, I started to see that what I was asking for was perfectly reasonable. The more I believed it, the better my dates got. I focused on what was important to me, and I started attracting better caliber men. At the end of it all, I met a man who is intelligent, kind, communicative and loving beyond all my expectations. Working with Rosie, helped me set my sights on what I desired and deserved.

    Anita P. Financial Advisor, USA

Rosie’s Story

Rosie Aiello, MBA.  Trapped in an emotionally, mentally and financially abusive relationship for nearly 25 years, Rosie engineered an international escape from the Middle East to save  her daughter and herself from domestic violence. Nearly mentally destroyed and stunned by PTSD, within a few short years after arriving back to her home state of California, she became a speaker, best-selling author and an international award-winning entrepreneur.  With her programs, Rosie now empowers women to find their voice, worth and confidence so they can create a joyful, productive and fully expressed life.

She holds certifications in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Timeline Dynamics as well as holding an MBA in finance.

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