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Rosie Aiello helps women fulfill their potential, reclaim their voice, worth and courage so that they can create the joyful, productive and prosperous life they deserve.

She also teaches her primary value:

You deserve to be treated with Kindness.

Popular Business Topics

3 Keys Women Entrepreneurs Must Master to Grow their Business

Most women not only have difficulty articulating what they want, but then they are afraid to ask for it. They stay stuck, frustrated and discouraged. The result? They lose out on creating a successful and impactful business, and joyful life that they deserve.

• Move from the What to Why
• Discover how to go from fear to being emboldened.
• The key of the smaller “ask.”
• Bonus #1: How to instantly get into a confident state

Women Entrepreneurs: Being Too Nice Costs You Profits and Your Values

Many women don’t realize being “too nice” costs them business and crushes their true essence.

• Discover the impact on productivity and profits by “being too nice.”
• Understand the real meaning of boundaries and how to create them.
• Learn the “Honor” system for greater confidence, impact and empowerment.

Learn 3 Key Strategies to Power Up Your Productivity and Profits

It’s not just about lists, goals and systems to improve your productivity. If you don’t do these 3 key strategies, you won’t be able to do those others, and success, fulfillment and a joyful life will elude you.

• Discover an often overlooked necessity to productivity.
• Learn why you should have this liquid habit.
• Learn a new discovery in productivity.
• Bonus: Why this “to-do” must be at the top of your list.

Popular Personal Development Topics

The Please Disease

“I will do anything to make my husband happy.” That’s what I attempted until I realized there’s nothing I could do to “make” him happy. That Please Disease blinded me to his destructive gas-lighting, narcissism and psychopathic behaviors which cost me major physical and mental health problems, including PTSD.

Learn the high cost of pleasing others, the simple steps to be kind to yourself, and how to no longer sacrifice your true self.

Just Ask!

It sounds simple, yet women, and especially women who have been in an abusive relationship, not only have difficulty articulating what they want, but they are afraid to ask, having been shot down many times for voicing any kind of opinion or desire.

You’ll discover strategies to boost your “ask” confidence including learning the ASK Sandwich step by step method so you can move from meek and miserable to deserving and emboldened.

The High Cost of Being Too Nice

Many women believe to be accepted they need to be nice at the cost of maintaining healthy boundaries, and they confuse being nice with being selfish, and that could not be further from the truth.

You’ll learn the honor system–honoring yourself of how you want people to treat you. You’ll discover the steps to establish and maintain healthy boundaries so that you can be empowered in any relationship

Praise for Rosie

“Rosie is a great example how women learn to grow new roots in a new ground, adapt to the unknowing and thrive in a new environment. With support from other women, she was able to heal her past traumas and empower others be in charge of their own life. This is her path as a healer, a speaker, and a leader.  Thanks again for a wonderful talk!”

– Irina Maryanchik, EHH-MA, EEM-CP,  PLT, Healing Globe LLC

“You have such a beautiful soul! I LOVE the way you told your story! You took us on the journey with you and made us feel your fear and joy! I am soooooooo happy to have met you! I look forward to collaborating with you on your “Love is Kind” Day and Life Vest Inside’s Worldwide “Dance for Kindness” Day! With lots of LOVE and KINDNESS!!! “

– Terese Messina Rölke

“I really enjoyed the way you created your talk, story telling, acting out, even comedic and inspiring. A unique style of speaking that was impactful and enjoyable.”

– Franki DeSaro

“Beautiful story that opens hearts and seeds the courage for so many who need the strength to move forward and create their life and embrace their gift. She shared the importance of becoming a woman of action and that small steps lead to big ones that lead to transformation.”

– Julia Bernadsky

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