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Love is Kind Podcast: Sn 1 / Ep 01 Introduction to Rosie and Sunny

Listen to Rosie & Sunny, authors of the upcoming mother/daughter memoir called 11 Hours to Freedom where they share they journey of escape, freedom and healing.

Love is Kind Podcast: Sn 1 / Ep 02 The Importance of Self-Care With Rosie Aiello

The importance of being KIND to yourself. Add self-care into your daily routine, because taking the time to care for yourself is a reminder to you…

Love is Kind Podcast: Sn 1 / Ep 03 The National Love is Kind Day With Rosie and Sunny

Today Rosie and Sunny share more of their story, their mission and a special announcement; the National Love is Kind Day has launched!

Moving Past Abuse: Wings of Inspired Business Podcast with Melinda Wittstock

What does it mean to love … and be loved? What does it take to manifest a love that is kind, a love that lifts you up? Because the all-to-common tragedy is that so many talented and empathetic women end up in abusive relationships with narcissistic men who gaslight them, destroy their confidence, and worse. […]

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