Spreading Kindness through the Holidays—Part 1

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Spreading good cheer means spreading kindness, but how do you really do that?

It may seem counter intuitive, but when you are first kind to yourself, you’ll then be able to be kinder to others, and you’ll receive more kindness.

Learn 3 simple ways you can transform the Holidays so that you can:

  • Feel joy, even during stressful times. (Mindfulness)
  • Create and enjoy Kindness everyday [Establish your Kindness Strategy (daily challenge—smile, give a compliment, keep your healthy boundaries)]
  • Reduce your overwhelm so you can experience peace.

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During the holidays, family members who haven’t seen each other often get together.

These get-togethers can often become stressful because you may not get along with some family members. You may feel judged.

You may go only to grin and bear it. You go the functions “for” someone else, for your mom, dad, spouse, or whoever only because you don’t want to disappoint them.

Yet inside you’re feeling pretty crummy.

Or, you may be dealing with other stresses in your life.

Next time whether you are with others or alone in your stressing moments…

Ask yourself what stories am I making up about this person? About myself?

Do you want to keep repeating the same stories?

Do you want to keep holding the grudge or ill feeling towards that person?

How can I change the story I’m telling myself?

How is it serving you to feel negative towards that person? Are you feeling good about it?  Of course, not.


  • To feel joyful even during these times, turn inward. Close your eyes and put yourself in place, somewhere, or in an experience that brings you joy.

It’s your mind, so take it anywhere.

Recreate a real joyful experience or create a new one.

Your mood will instantly change, and you’ll become more relaxed, calm and  open to being friendly and kind to others—because you took care of you first.

  • Keep in mind that you don’t have to talk to everyone there.

You can be polite without engaging.

Remind yourself that setting healthy boundaries is an act of  kindness—again you are taking care of you first.

But you’re not being selfish.

  • Smile and engage on topics that bring you joy.
  • Challenge yourself to give as many compliments as you can during the get together.
  • Watch the magic! When you are being kind and joyful, watch the kindness, joy, and love pour into you.

These are strategies not only for the holidays, but for everyday of your life.


As the year comes to a close, I wish you peace, joy  and love in your heart, mind and body.

I wish that you’ll be treated with kindness this day, and every day.

If you’re wanting more peace, love and kindness in your life—then it’s time you act.

Go to www.freedomfulfillmentquiz.com and then make an appointment with me.

To a more empowered you!

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