2020: Why Kindness Inward is Key

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During the holiday season, there’s a lot of focus on giving to others.  How we can be generous to others, how we can lend a helping hand, how we can give more and be kind to others.

This is great advice and it’s important.

However, some critical key elements are missing that you need to know.

You cannot give to others unless your cup is overflowing. Anything less than that will deplete you. So, you need to keep filling your cup.

When I was in my 25 year abusive relationship, I was constantly made to feel guilty when I did anything for myself—visit friends or family, go to the gym, or simply rest during the day.

As a result of this experience, I’m 10 years out of that relationship, and I still struggle to not feel guilty when I do something that will fill my cup.  Yet I have developed the skills to overcome that feeling.


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I believe you have it down how to be kind to others.  You don’t need any more reminders in that department.

What you need reminding in is how to be kind to yourself, and without feeling guilty for taking the time to do it. Right?

If you have experienced a controlling, narcissistic and abusive relationship, being kind to yourself is especially a big challenge.

My challenge to you: Take on the challenge to be kind to yourself.

Know that being kind to yourself has outstanding benefits:

  • You are healthier.
  • You feel more joy.
  • You are more energetic.
  • You create a positive outlook on life.
  • You learn to value yourself.
  • You are happier.
  • You build resilience when times are tough.
  • You make better choices about your life.
  • And so much more.

Here are just a few examples of how to be kind to yourself:

  • Read a book that lifts you up. 10 minutes.
  • Take time to exercise, move your body—walk, go to the gym, swim, dance, bike
  • Take 10 minutes to do deep and slow belly breathing. Put on some soft music, or choose a meditation video online.
  • Make a one-on-one date with a dear family member or friend, even if it can only be done long distance.
  • Make a list of things that bring you joy, and keep adding to it.

Make 2020 the year that you invest in you.

Know that as you turn inward onto you, you grow outward.

You can do this. You deserve this.

Post in the Facebook group what actions you’re going to do to be kinder to yourself.

Here’s to making 2020  the year for a stronger, more resilient, more joyful and “kindful” you!

To a more empowered you!

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