The Fastest Way to Feel Good

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Random of Acts of Kindness Day is celebrate in the United States on February 17th, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t an act we can’t incorporate into our regular lives.

Leading with kindness makes you feel better.

Let’s see how we  can spend energy bringing people up instead of demeaning and diminishing them.  We can change the world doing this alone!

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When you show an act of kindness to one person—something that you don’t do ordinarily—you feel joyful and happy.

But you don’t feel joyful and happy only for that moment, those positive energies stay with you throughout the day.

How would you react to a stressful situation if you were already in a joyful state?

  • You’d be more levelheaded.
  • You’d be able to come up with solutions.
  • You’d be looking for the good in the situation.

These are just a few of the benefits.  (And how would it be if you were tense instead?)

Then as you hold that joyful energy, people around you will feel it.

Then they’ll feel more joyful.

The joy, peace and kindness spread like an invisible waterfall pouring its splendor to everyone.

We haven’t even yet talked about the recipient.

That person will smile, feel grateful and appreciated.

She or he will feel joyful.

And now the joy and kindness spread to everyone they are in contact with.

We become better people when we are purposefully kind to others.

It’s a win-win.

Who can you raise someone up today? Tomorrow?

A random act of kindness does not have to be to a stranger, but it needs to be intentional.

Do the act of kindness because you want to do something kind. If you have expectations of receiving something because you did a kind thing then your act becomes conditional, and the positive energy surrounding gets sucked out.

11 Simple Acts of Kindness

  1. Smile. Smile. Smile. To everyone. A relaxed face often looks grouchy. Smile at a “grouchy” person and see them light up! Then feel the warmth in your heart. Challenge yourself if you’re not usually a “smiley” person. Don’t wait for someone to smile to you first because you “expect” it. Be the first…
  • Smile to older people.
  • Smile to homeless people.
  • Smile to children.
  • Smile to your partner.
  • Smile to your kids.
  • Smile to the waiter/waitress.
  • Smile to the bank clerk.
  • Smile to the police officer.
  • Smile to the sales clerk.
  • Smile to co-workers.
  • How many people can you smile at?
  1. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them how much you enjoy them.
  2. Compliment (sincerely) someone you know and to strangers.
  3. Compliment your waitresses and waiters.
  4. Send a note, okay even a text to someone and give them a compliment. Tell them how much they mean to you.
  5. Tip extra—to a waitress or others working for tips. They often depend on their tips for the majority of their income.
  6. Clean up—someone else’s mess. As you clean your yard, pick up some leaves from your neighbor’s yard. See a messy kitchen and it’s not your turn to clean it up, do it anyway.
  7. Put down the phone—look someone in the eye while they are talking. Your being fully present and smiling will show the other person how important their thoughts are.
  8. Give someone flowers, or a single flower—just because.
  9. Give room to a merging car.
  10. Be Kind to yourself, and you will become kinder to others.

Challenge yourself to incorporate more and more acts of kindness into your daily living.

And then see how more joyful you become!

Let’s see how we  can spend energy bringing people up instead of demeaning and diminishing them.  We can change the world doing this alone!

Do share your experiences in the comments!

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