3 Ways to Show Kindness and Raise Your Personal Joy Factor

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Tomorrow November 13th is National Kindness Day.

I love that we have a National Day to raise our consciousness about kindness.

When people are kind, they are kind in their relationships, and kinder intimate relationships create kinder families, kinder families create kinder communities and kinder communities create a kinder world.

The world wins when we elevate each other with kindness.

Read 3 ways to demonstrate kindness and raise your personal joy factor.

Here are 3 stories of kindness to inspire you…

A story showing kindness when my daughter was young…

  • One day when my daughter was little, I was tired and stressed, and I was working on a deadline when she came up to talk to me  about what I perceived as something minor.

Instead of snapping at my daughter, I stopped, looked into her in eyes, was present with her, and gave her a hug.

I got a 5 minute break to clear my mind for my work (making me more productive), and I showed kindness and love to my child, who would absorb that lesson.

We both went  back to what we were doing happy instead of aggravated had I snapped at her and told her, “Later.”

It’s a win-win.

It takes courage to be kind.

How can you take that story and change the elements for you?


A story where my love shows kindness to me…

  • After a quarter of century living in abusive and very unkind relationship, I’m now with the love of my life who demonstrates kindness to me daily.

It’s known that men have the urge to fix problems, especially when they see their wife or partner in despair; my guy is no different.

Like other women, however, I don’t always want solutions. I just want to be heard. And that means I  want my guy to be quiet, like not say a word.

Sometimes I want him to just hold me.

One day I asked him, ”When I’m upset or sad, can you just hold me?”

So now, without my asking, he reaches out to me pull me in without saying a single word, and just holds me while I calm down and relax. He doesn’t release until I give the signal.

That’s kindness.


A story where I show kindness to my love…

  • It’s important to recognize how you’re kind to another. This isn’t about your ego and being into yourself, but truly sharing how you “practice, demonstrate or show” kindness to another.

My guy has this thing about closet doors. He leaves the door open.

I have this thing about closet doors. I like the doors closed.

So I close them. And I close them again, and again.

Sometimes he’s there when I close them, and I only smile at him. He smiles at me.

But I never ever say, “Why don’t you close the door!”

It’s his quirk.

I respond to his quirk with kindness.

And he responds to my quirks with kindness, too.

We have joy instead of nagging and annoyance.

Kindness is fun.

Share your kindness stories in our Love is Kind Group and let’s create a wave of kindness felt around the world.

If you’re reading this and yearning for that kind of kindness in your life, or doubt you could ever have it, then reach out to me. I can help guide you.

Your life is precious. You matter.

Start by completing the Freedom Fulfillment Quiz to get clarity where you’re at, and then get on my calendar, where the magic happens.

What new kindness story can you write?

Kindness takes courage.

National Love is Kind Day, which I created, is July 27th, so get ready for that.

You deserve to be treated with kindness.

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