10 years ago…

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10 years ago I was still living in Middle East.
I had experienced political terrorism, missing booby trapped cars by minutes.
I had escaped military conflicts dodging bullets, bombs and fires.

Yet that was nothing compared to the war and terror going on within my own home.
I had been living for more than 2 decades in a toxic and highly abusive marriage,
Trapped in my own personalized terrorist camp.
I desperately wanted out.

Yet, I couldn’t leave without my daughter.
I was suicidal.

I couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago, that within a few months I would be planning the escape of our lives,
That I would outsmart my Lebanese husband,
That my daughter and I would land at San Francisco International Airport, and gain our freedom,
That within a few years, I would become an award-winning entrepreneur,
That I would become a speaker,
That I would be helping women all over of the world,
That I would be writing a memoir with my daughter about our journey.

But I did believe that I deserved a life without fear and terror.
I did believe that my daughter and I deserved a happy and joyful life.
I did believe that I only had one life to live, and I was determined to live it.
Somehow, deep inside me, there simmered a glimmer of hope.

I also could have never imagined 10 years ago that I would find the love of my life,
A wonderful man who treats me with respect and kindness.
A man I get to love with my whole heart, body and soul.

So don’t give up hope. EVER.

You don’t know the greatness that awaits you.
If I had not kept looking forward, even during the blackest and deepest moments, I would not be here, and look at what I would have missed.

You deserve to be treated with kindness, and that starts by being kind to yourself.
Keep going forward, no matter how you feel.
But, please don’t go it alone.
And don’t blame or shame yourself.
You are worth it. Your life matters. The world needs you.

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