When you’ve doubted you’re a good mother

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Mother’s Day. This can mean a very beautiful day, a day charged with intense feelings, or a day of remorse, guilt or sadness. Or all of it.

As a mother I’ve shared many ups and downs with my daughter.

Times when we laughed so hard, we peed in our pants.

Times when she cried, and I held her tight.

Times when I thought she was lost, and cried my eyes out.

Times when she didn’t want to speak to me, and I felt rejected.

Times when she was mad at me.

Times when I was mad at her.

Times when she lashed out at what I did. In my past.

When I didn’t speak up to protect her against her abusive father, as I “should” have.

When  I didn’t “hear” her needs.

The years when I felt like the worst mother on planet Earth.

When I would chastise myself for not protecting her better, for not listening more, for not being more supportive, for not…

The blame game wasn’t fun and it was grinding me down.

But in my heart of hearts, I know did the best I could. I had to release the should’s

So I could be free of the condemnation I was torturing myself with.

I love my daughter.

My daughter loves me.

Yet, sometimes we hurt each other. Sometimes, we don’t like each other.

But that’s okay because we have a strong foundation of love.

I’m here to remind you that no matter how your child turned out, you did the best you could.

You tried hard. You love them. You want the best for them.

So whether your children are all around you for Mother’s Day or you’re by yourself or they aren’t even talking to you, be kind to yourself.

Being a mother is hard work and like anything else that we want to excel in, it’s takes a lifetime to learn and practice new skills to become a better, more loving and kind mother. We’re all just a work-in-practice!

I wish you a beautiful and blessed Mother’s Day –whether or not you have your own children.

We know as women, we fulfill the mother role in many other capacities.

You are amazing! I celebrate who YOU are!

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