Joy After Abuse

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“Mom! You got to take me away from my abusive father! Now!”

“You only have one year left until you graduate from the university. Can’t you wait one more year?”

“No mom, I can’t.”

I had been waiting for that moment for 20 years as I would have never left the Middle East without my daughter.

Immediately, I started to plan the escape of our lives.

It took 4 months of planning. I was terrified we’d get caught and that he’d never let us go.

To keep going I told myself every day: “My daughter Sunny and I deserve a happy and joyful life. I have one life to live. And I’m going to live it!

Fast forward ten years.

I’m living that happy and joyful life with the love of my life.

Because I created it.

You don’t have to wait 10 years like me. I did all the heavy lifting, and figured it out.

Just a few steps to lead you to your freedom and finding kind love:

  • Create a compelling vision of your life
  • Become clear on your values and what you’ll stand for
  • Design and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Know what are healthy relationship characteristics

If you’re wanting to find someone who is kind, caring and thoughtful, then reach out to me. It’s time. Your time. I can show you. So, let’s get started.

Take this first step for you: Take it even if you feel unsure or scared.  I get it.  You won’t have to do it alone anymore. You can’t do it alone.

Take off the cloak of shame. It’s not for you to wear anymore.

I believe in you and the future you can create.

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