What does a healthy relationship look like? Part 1

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The day of hearts, flowers, chocolate, romantic dinners, and oh right, LOVE.

I love kind love, but I didn’t experience that until late in my life.

We learn about love through observation, experience, and even studying about it, but many of us missed key lessons.

Many “think” they know about relationships. They make their list, count it twice and go look for Mr. (or Miss) Right, or think they have Mr. Right when they are unhappy.

But let’s back up first, and  go over what are some of the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship.Next week, I’ll identify key characteristics of healthy relationships to look for and expect.

A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your family, your work, your goals, or your desires.

A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice who you are.

Check all that you’ve ever experienced, or witnessed.

  • They tend to blame rather than take responsibility for their behavior.
  • They accuse you of being, “You’re too sensitive.”
  • They hit, yell, scream, call you nasty or derogatory names.
  • They threaten.
  • You find yourself covering up or making excuses for their behavior, or the relationship.
  • They show little to no empathy or compassion for you.
  • They use your intimate shares against you later.
  • They set the pace of how fast the relationship is moving.
  • You want to get out, but make excuses why you can’t.
  • They do not respect your boundaries after you’ve expressed them.
  • They’ll tease you, but they can’t tolerate being teased by you.
  • They challenge your thoughts and logic, forcing you to defend yourself.
  • “Love bombing to life-sucking.”
  • You turn yourself into a pretzel to please him.
  • You think “If only I’ll do better, things will be better.”
  • You think you can love them into loving you, and being kind to you.
  • You feel afraid or uncomfortable even though you may not know why.
  • They’ll tell you something that contradicts what you thought was true—they convince you their memory is correct. Doubt grows.
  • Their behavior confuses you, (and you usually dismiss it.)

If you’ve checked even one of these boxes, then it’s time to take the first step for you.

Take 4 minutes for you.


Even if the unhealthy relationship is  the past, you’ll probably continue to attract in both your personal and business life unhealthy relationships, and you don’t realize it, or wonder why it keeps happening.

Take it even if you feel unsure or scared.  I get it.  You won’t have to do it alone anymore. You can’t do it alone.

Take off the cloak of shame. It’s not for you to wear anymore.

I believe in you and the future you can create.

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