Healing Mind, Body and Soul

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Healing Mind, Body and Soul—from the Inside Out

She told herself, “I’m coach. I know what to do.” But nothing prepared her for the experience with the man she loved.

Her business coaching skills helped her later, but even those weren’t enough to help her overcome the deep cut to her confidence.

Nicole Jansen has been empowering entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Her vast experience in business, leadership and human behavior along with overcoming adversity in her own life has uniquely equipped her to bring out the best in others. She is the founder of Discover The Edge and the Leaders of Transformation Podcast, reaching listeners in over 140 countries.

Come along for the ride with Nicole. She shares many moments of vulnerability, the ups and downs, the ins and outs. She goes deep into her wounded soul to find clarity, peace and the empowered path forward.

Some key highlights in this episode:

  • Rosie’s Mini Masterclass on Freedom Fulfillment Pillar #2 Self-Care
    • Physical and Mental Signs you may be ignoring.
    • Examples of easy self-care strategies you can do.
    • The benefits to mind, body and soul when practicing self-care.
  • You’re not crazy when you shift from staying or leaving a toxic relationship.
  • The skills and tools Nicole used from business coaching
  • What she still needed to get truth and clarity, and eventual healing.
  • Finding her source of strength during the dark and deep moments.
  • Her multiple health crises that made her face this truth.
  • Realizations, acceptance and tough decisions she had to make.
  • How she defines Love is Kind.
  • And so much more.

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