Sucked by an Energy Vampire

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Sucked by an Energy Vampire aka a Narcissist –Learning to Stand in Your Power

Have you ever been involved with someone—in personal or business relationship, who made you feel like something was wrong with you?

Who did these slight jabs and underhanded insults?

You kept getting this off feeling but couldn’t quite put your finger on it?

A two-time bestselling author, twice-certified Transformational Confidence Coach, an Interview Coach, a Reiki Master, and a former Crime Analyst, and host of the Every Day is a New Day Show, Kim O’Neill gets vulnerable with you and for you to share her journey from being “sucked by an energy vampire” (aka a Narcissist) to regaining trust and confidence in herself.

Some key highlights in this episode:

  • Rosie’s Mini Masterclass on Freedom Fulfillment Pillar #6 Intuition and Trust
    • The behavior patterns that break trust.
    • The common but fatal reaction women do.
    • How to tap into your body and regain your trust.
  • What to do when creating boundaries are not enough.
  • The ways you can covertly and quickly get sucked in.
  • Her journey from victim, to realization, to breakthrough and empowered.
  • That pattern you can fall into that sucks your confidence.
  • Unique steps she shares to break the “spell” to regain confidence and trust.
  • The lessons abusive relationships teach you so that you can grow and become stronger.
  • The huge realization that changed her forever
  • How she defines Love is Kind.

And so much more.


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