Using Intuition to Overcome Domestic Abuse

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Using Intuition to Overcome Domestic Abuse

She thought she was always the one who was the problem in the relationship.

If she only did better, then it would be better. Did you ever feel that way, too? I know I did.

Then she turned the bullying, blaming, and shaming onto herself. Me, too.

Until after much self-discovery, she created a vision for a kind man she wanted to be with, and found him … Hmm. Me, too.

Our guest today, Julie Reisler is an intuitive coach, best-selling author, multi-time TEDx speaker, and host of the You-est You podcast. She works with and coaches big-hearted, high-achievers, soul seekers. She’s all about helping you tune into your intuition to be your you-est you. She is the author of the Get a PhD in You book series and a mindfulness teacher on the popular app Insight Timer, with over 115,000 downloads. She’s currently working on her third book.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Rosie’s training on Pillar #1, Creating a Vision for your future you can create the life you desire
  • Why believing you’re not good enough can lead to abusive habits and how to turn yourself around.
  • Why it’s critical to tap into your intuition.
  • The absolute necessity to prioritizing self-care.
  • Identify unhealthy family dynamics that lead to unhealthy personal habits and how to overcome them.
  • Why becoming aware of being a “people-pleaser” can change everything for you.
  • What your physical ailments are really telling you.
  • What it means when they tell you that “you’re such a great couple.”
  • How using mirror technique can be the game-changer to feel valuable.
  • How you can “become” younger, really!
  • What Love is Kind means to Julie.
  • And so much more!

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More about Julie Reisler here.

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