From Broken to Whole

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Luci McMonagle:

From Broken to Whole


From Broken to Whole


From Broken to Whole

For 20 years, she ignored the signs because there was no physical abuse.

He demeaned and insulted her.

She rationalized his behavior. Time and again.

He was nice and sweet, then in blink, he’d  spew a litany of negative remarks.

She questioned herself, “Was this toxic? Was this negative?”

Those questions led her to question her own sanity, and to give her the path to recovery.

Our guest today, Luci McMonagle, is a renowned intuitive business leader, mystic and an international bestselling author. She has risen from the flames of abusive relationships to being one of the leading authorities on trusting your intuition, healing, and accessing your inner greatness. She focuses on empowering women through mindset training and to be financially free so that she will have more options in life and not be a prisoner in someone else’s life.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Rosie begins with a mine master class on Pillar #6—Shame and Guilt
  • When she felt most Vulnerable. Were you like that too?
  • The Impact of emotional abuse to her psyche and how she “got her psyche back.”
  • The ONE key ritual that changed everything for her, and can for you, too.
  • Unhealthy boundaries she allowed, and healthy boundaries she created.
  • Her survival skills—which were normal.
  • How she turned “feeling crazy” around with this simple tool.
  • A “prayer” that opened her heart, mind, soul and path to forgiveness and love.
  • How to get out of “mental bondage.”
  • And much more!

That one nugget of wisdom that can change your life is waiting for you.

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More about Luci Mcmonagle here.

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How to Confidently Ask for What You Want is a GUIDEBOOK—a gift. 

  • Are you tired of playing nice all the time?
  • Do you let your boundaries get crushed?
    (Oh, you don’t have boundaries? Gotcha)
  • Do you hide in shame or fear?
  • Do you feel frozen and stuck?

You’ll finally stop shrinking from what you want and confidently ask for what you need.

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From Broken to Whole

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