Moving Past Abuse: Wings of Inspired Business Podcast with Melinda Wittstock

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What does it mean to love … and be loved?

What does it take to manifest a love that is kind, a love that lifts you up?

Because the all-to-common tragedy is that so many talented and empathetic women end up in abusive relationships with narcissistic men who gaslight them, destroy their confidence, and worse.

Rosie Aiello had to stage an international escape with her daughter after 25 years of domestic abuse.

Now she helps women heal and regain their voice and their confidence, so they rebuild their lives … with kindness.

True love is kind, never hurtful, and Rosie wants to reach 100 million women with her transformational and empowering message.

That’s why this Saturday, July 27th, on the 8th anniversary of her escape, she is asking women to share a photo of ourselves on social media with the hashtag #loveiskind.

Today we talk about how to:

  • Recognize the signs of abuse even when subtle
  • Be kind to yourself so you’ll attract partners, friends and colleagues who are kind to you too
  • Live a life of freedom – in all ways
  • Create and live your boundaries
  • Know your value
  • And much more!

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