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From the Hard Knocks School to Chief Happiness Officer

Lyn-Dee Eldridge’s mother told her that she wanted to abort her.

She grew up in a toxic and abusive family, believing that she was not wanted, and feeling unloved. That set the stage for ending up with a narcissistic husband at the age of 18. Then one day, her baby girl “woke up” Lyn-Dee.

Discover how Lyn-Dee overcame her past and breast cancer and became a leader inspiring other women to find happiness and joy and learn to never settle.

Your host Rosie Aiello and Lyn-Dee go deep for you on topics like trust, health, creating joy and happiness, changing mindsets to move forward, and challenging yourself all along the way.

You won’t want to miss a minute!

Some key highlights in this episode::

  • Rosie’s Mini Masterclass on Freedom Fulfillment Pillar #6 Trust, Shame and Guilt to get you on your Freedom journey to be 100% YOU!
    • Impact of being hurt in a toxic relationship.
    • How being vulnerable became the gateway to trust issues.
    • The relationship of unpredictability and trust
    • Learning to trust yourself and others.
  • What Lyn-Dee does not regret, and why and how that can help you.
  • The courage she discovered to lift herself up so you can tap into that, too.
  • How she learned to trust herself, and others again.
  • All it takes is hearing that one person at the right time to change your life.
  • The most important decision she made that changed her life around.
  • She at first felt like she was failing, until she realized this truth that changed everything.
  • You’re never free, until you know how to free this…(about half-way through when I share this.)
  • Twice Lyn-Dee demonstrates how to give courage to yourself.
  • The mindset you must adopt that will be the catalyst for your amazing life.
  • Lyn-Dee shares where you must make an investment.
  • Her beautiful message when she defines Love is Kind.
  • And so much more.

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