A Dark Night of the Soul

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How to Reclaim Your Voice and Power after Breaking into Pieces.

Francesca Fondse, a South African white woman, held strong convictions of both racial and gender equality. She forged her path to become an anti-apartheid activist, and leader for women’s rights in the South African government, after experiencing her own toxic relationship.

Francesca learned from a very young age never to have her own opinion. That stage for a series of personal devastations and breaking her “into pieces.”

But despite her feeling broken, she was prepared to gather herself bit by bit by bit through every other woman broken and beaten down by narcissism and domestic violence, and become that woman’s champion.
And now she’ll be your champion as she shares how to show up stronger, more powerful and emboldened so you can create the life you deserve.
Both Francesca and your show host Rosie Aiello in her mini Masterclass share strategies so that you can speak up, show up and rise up as the true you.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Rosie’s Mini Masterclass on Freedom Fulfillment Pillar #11 Honoring Yourself with Healthy Boundaries. More for your Freedom journey to be 100% YOU!
    • What you must do first before creating boundaries.
    • The 3-Letter question word that will send you down a rabbit hole.
    • Why your expectations of what a relationship should be are normal.
    • How I unknowingly created unhealthy boundaries.
    • How to create healthy boundaries
  • Francesca’s lack of being able to set boundaries originated from her upbringing.
  • Her incredible story of growing up in South Africa, and how she became a leader in the Sound African government for women’s rights.
  • How a narcissist grabs onto you unknowingly, what happens and what to do.
  • The safety women need, how she had it, lost it and got it back.
  • How she learned to create healthy boundaries.
  • Her husband’s false worship of her, and Francesca as his “property,” a common experience to women
  • How she became through her own brokenness a champion for women and girls.
  • How the narcissistic “fog” was created and how she broke through to find the light and live.
  • Narcissism becomes a form of terrorism.
  • How being curious helped her path to freedom.
  • From a dark night of the soul, scattered into pieces, the key she used to piece herself together.
  • How setting boundaries is being kind to yourself.
  • How to create an impactful life.
  • And so much more.

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More about Francesca Fondse here.

Women Integral Impact Network
Empowering, Collaborating, and Enriching the lives of South African Women  CLICK HERE

Francesca’s work helping the South African community: www.deangelus.co.za

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