The 2 Sides of Vulnerability

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The 2 Sides of Vulnerability

I’m on a worldwide mission to inspire 100M women to release the shackles of abuse, and reclaim their voice, value, confidence and courage so that they can create the joyful, productive and prosperous life they deserve.

And today’s podcast like every podcast is a part of that mission.

Today we cover the 2 Sides of Vulnerability.

I talk about vulnerability like no one has before.

There’s the scary side of vulnerability.

And then there’s the side of vulnerability that opens you to your freedom.

You need to shift from one to other.

Here are some of the key insights you’ll experience:

  • The Oxford (online) Dictionary definition of vulnerability
  • Why you may be stuck in the 1st vulnerability
  • How you can get unstuck to move forward.
  • The critical questions you need to ask yourself
  • How to properly shift to the 2nd Vulnerability
  • The key to the Freedom to be 100% You!
  • The support you’ll need.

And so much more.

You deserve to be treated with kindness and that starts by being kind to yourself.

Kindness takes courage.

You don’t—you can’t—do this alone.

Your life is waiting for you to take that first step!

Your life matters.

You are worthy.

***Will you help with our mission? I’m on a mission to create kinder intimate relationships, kinder families, kinder communities, and a kinder world.

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My goal is to inspire 100M women worldwide to release the invisible shackles of abuse, learn to believe in themselves, and to reclaim their voice, value, confidence and courage after toxic, narcissistic and abusive relationships so that they can create a productive, prosperous and joyful like that they deserve.

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