You can Win in Your Life

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You can Win in Your Life

As a pregnant single teenager at 13, Dr. Christine Kozachuk was shunned by her family and community.  At 14, she married the father of her child and then had two more children with him.

Isolated and alone, Christine faced another hurdle that would change her life forever.

Four years later at 18, she knew she could not tolerate the abuse by her husband. With three young children in tow, she escaped that life and created one she could not have imagined at the time. Christine is now leading the movement of Every Girl Wins—helping girls and women across globe on education, literacy and empowerment. The principles of Every Girls Wins which she shares in this episode can be used by every single woman. The fortitude of this woman is inspiring and empowering so that you can create a meaningful, joyful and  “Winning Life.”

Dr. Christine Kozachuk, Women’s Life Literacy Expert, an international Speaker, International Award Recipient, Entrepreneur, Author, and a Global advocate for freedom and equity for all females of the world.

Dr. Kozachuk owns multiple successful businesses, including RC Mobile Truck Repair Services for more than 25 years, Every Girl Wins Institute that helps women rewrite the definition of their lives, and founder of International Every Girl Wins Day. Dr. Kozachuk was named as International World Civility Ambassador for her leadership and the ability to direct important public issues regarding humanity.

Some key highlights in this episode:

  • Rosie’s Mini Masterclass on Freedom Fulfillment Pillar #9–learn to trust yourself so that you can recapture your confidence in your choices, decisions and in other people.
  • The “test” in the early stages of their relationship that she put her current husband through.
  • Her shift from trauma to trust.
  • Why kindness was foreign to her, like so many women who’ve experienced abuse.
  • How personal development changed her entire outlook, and opened the path to a new global venture.
  • What she struggles with still to this day, as a reminder for all of us.
  • Each time she receives a reward, she explains who she thinks of and why that gives her inspiration.
  • The 5 principles of Every Girl Wins that apply to women of all ages.
  • The key message she says to girls and women 16 to 60.
  • And so much more.

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Dr. Christine Kozachuk , Every Girl Wins Institute, Literacy Expert, speaker, humanitarian.

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