Heal Your Body from Emotional Abuse

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What Emotional Abuse Does to Your Body and How to Heal Yourself.

How many times did you keep pushing and pushing yourself, until your body said, “No more?” Do you have a hard time listening to your body and what it’s trying to tell you?

Our guest today faced not one but two cancers, before she really started to listen her body, and see what was happening inside…

Jolen Philbrook is known as the Abundant Mindset Expert who intuitively clears prosperity blocks. Her specialty is releasing stuck emotions to attract more success, prosperity, and happiness in your life.

Jolen survived a rare type of breast cancer as she went through a custody suit with no income. Then, a year later, survived kidney cancer. Now, she shares her wisdom and experience through these challenging times so that you can find your inner strength, prosperity, and happiness to live your greatest life.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Rosie’s Mini Masterclass takes on your Freedom journey to be 100% YOU!
    • Learn how to look at your life and identify illnesses or diseases or “dis-eases” you’ve had or have.
    • Discover the correlation between your abusive past, mental health and your physical health.
    • Learn how to stop diminishing or making excuses for the illnesses you’ve had and
    • See how to begin the real path of healing.
  • How Jolen healed herself by going “outside” to go “inside.”
  • How Jolen Philbrook used her spirituality to discover her superpower.
  • Her powerful release technique she created during her forgiveness path.
  • Jolen’s easy, fun and effective self-care rituals to heal your mind and brighten your day.
  • The powerful messages are bodies are telling us that you must know.
  • How as an empath you can manage your emotional state (from others’ energies).
  • Her AMAZING story of the court, the judge and the color pink.
  • The most important question she asked herself to uncover the real Jolen.
  • The empowering words of what Love is Kind means to Jolen Philbrook
  • And so much more!

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