From Hiding to Shining

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Cami Baker:

From Hiding to Shining


From Hiding to Shining


From Hiding to Shining

Did you ever think that if you only loved him more that he would change?

Even when a friend told our guest that he’s not an Alpha, he’s a narcissist, our guest told her, “You don’t understand, he’s never had the love of the right woman.”

Dynamic, outgoing, confident. Cami Baker went from standing on stages of 30,000 teaching others how to show up and network to hanging her head down and hiding.

What was worse for me personally, because Cami and I are friends, I could see right before my eyes her being swallowed up and transforming, more like evaporating. It was horrible to witness this vibrant women disappearing.

She fell for his virility, take charge attitude, his charm, and the attention he gave her.

She didn’t know then how her life would within only six months dramatically change.

Soon she’d be in her car with all of her belongings wondering just what had just happened.

Her story will keep you on edge.

If you “fell” for him, you’re not alone. We all did.

When Cami reached out to me, I coached her to reclaim her own value, confidence and courage. She put her “big girl panties” and got her “big” voice back.

Cami Baker is a TV show host, r me first have our listeners hear what an amazing woman you are. TV show host, radio personality, international speaker, an HGTV House Hunter veteran, and featured on hundreds of podcasts, media, and stages as large as 30,000 in attendance, Cami Baker has seen her share of adversity, starting as an alcoholic, suicidal, broke single mother living in a mobile home on food stamps and now earning six figures.

What you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Never fall for a narcissist again: Rosie’s Mini Masterclass on Love Bombing covering Freedom Fulfillment Pillars 3 on Values and Pillar #9 on Intuition
  • How Cami tapped into “being human” to self-forgive.
  • What it means when you’re afraid or ashamed to share about your relationship.
  • The Love Bombing words he used to woo her. Have you heard these too?
  • The early signs that something was off…
  • How meeting his needs soon became a requirement.
  • As a powerful woman, she finally met a man who made decisions, but then…
  • How she lost her voice, literally, then how she got it back.
    Why forgiving yourself is key to recovery and creating your life.
  • Judgments are a source of self-abuse.
  • Her biggest journey was learning to trust her judgment again. You, too? You’re not alone.
  • The sentence he said that was the catalyst for wanting to escape…
  • And now how she creates clear boundaries.
  • Her new found freedom filled her with this kind of gratitude in particular.
  • What Love is Kind means to Cami.
  • And much more!

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How to Confidently Ask for What you Want is a GUIDEBOOK—a gift. 

  • Are you tired of playing nice all the time?
  • Do you let your boundaries get crushed?
    (Oh, you don’t have boundaries? Gotcha)
  • Do you hide in shame or fear?
  • Do you feel frozen and stuck?

You’ll finally stop shrinking from what you want and confidently ask for what you need.

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From Hiding to Shining

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